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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The human heart without God

A Chinese toddler was actually hit by TWO vehicles...the first of which could clearly see her and had plenty of time to stop. The second also should have been clearly able to see her little body lying in the street. IF that is not enough to show you the what the heart of man is...then consider that 18 people walk past or drive past this little one lying there bleeding and suffering and completely IGNORE her. Finally an American equivalent of a bag lady stops and pulls her then lifeless body to the side and calls for help. A week later this child died. The driver of the van made a statement that if the child lived she would cost him more money than if the child died. Obviously hoping for her demise he got his wish.

I doubt that this man realizes or even cares about his eternal life. In a country that is filled with false idols and gods, sadly, he may not even be familiar with the truth. This is truly demonic activity...demons hate humankind and especially children because they are the closest to God. I pray that all of these people become familiar with Christ soon and repent for the callousness and evil actions displayed in this video below.

This is the condition of the human heart without God. This is the natural man. The nature of man that Jesus spoke of when He told the priests of His day that they could not know Christs Father because they had a different father. Satan.

Eve's eating of the apple is a misinterpretation...Eve had sex with Satan and through this action she actually changed the DNA structure of mankind. There are literally offspring of Satan as well as God walking this Earth. That is why Jesus came to reconcile God to us and also in the last days when He returns why He will "change" us in the twinkling of an eye. The corrupt will become incorruptible...the DNA will be changed back to its original God given state.

But this will only be done for those whom Jesus knows. YOU may know Jesus and that's great. BUT, the real question is does Jesus know you? You must have an intimate, personal relationship with him. You must seek Him and the truth out and not just take a preachers word for it. Many are going to perish because they have not sought Him out for themselves. Because they have not sought out the truth and instead have believed lies that have been passed down from person to person. Listen not to man but seek the Kingdom for yourselves.

Soon I will be posting a story about the Ark of the Covenant, its discovery and the blood that was sprinkled on the mercy seat, proving that our DNA has, in fact been changed. Make no mistake, we have Satan in our hearts until God boots him out and takes back His throne. Before this can happen YOU must ask for Him to come into your heart and YOU must seek to find Him and YOU must want Him above ALL else. Because man cannot serve two masters. You either live for THIS world and die in eternity or you DIE to this world and live in eternity. The choice is yours to make.

Surely hell is filled and will get much fuller with the likes of these on the video below. Would you like to spend eternity with them?

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