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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11-11-11, Birthing a new race

11-11-11 came and went without any discernible happenings in spite of the fact that the Holy Spirit was calling all the watchmen's attention to that date. We spoke with one accord, we all experienced the constant appearance of the number 11 everywhere, we all felt the urgency to call attention to the day and speculate what God was trying to tell us. As the day approached we waited and watched and finally the day arrived.

I watched the mainstream news all day and the internet for the "real" news. The main focus of the day for mainstream was marriages. Apparently, roughly 57,000 weddings were planned for the date 11-11-11 across America. For me this brought to mind the passage in the Bible about how they were giving and taking in marriage right up to the end in Noah's day. Interesting...right? But certainly not enough to be the cause of all the warnings we were getting. The other focus of the day were the babies being born on that date.

Then my friend, Hummingbird and I were talking and she said something that felt right on. Now she has a very analytical mind being a researcher and a student of science. So her writing something based on "what if's" was out of the question. Yet I could not get rid of the nagging feeling that she had nailed the event that had taken place while we were all busy looking AT the world...instead of IN the in INSIDE our planet. Away from our eyes, hidden from view but also hinted at in various places.

Jonathan Kleck is a very Holy Spirit led man who has posted a ton of YouTube video' I do not agree with all of his speculations....but I must say that a lot of what he says is right on the money! No pun intended there...and when you watch his video's you will understand that line:) I will post the links below this article to the video's of his that I am referring to in this article.

Jonathan, having an artists keen eye, picks up on things hidden in pictures. He has found a lot of proof that "they" (demons, nephilim, fallen angels), are birthing a new race. They have taken Lady GaGa as one of their mouth pieces to send the message out to "the masses" hidden in her lyrics. They have hidden the same in ancient Hieroglyphs. The New Agers love to speak of the metamorphosis that is about to take age of "enlightenment", "regeneration" and "evolution".

Now allow me to digress for a moment and explain a bit for those who may not be familiar with the fallen angels and their plan for mankind...which is basically destruction. For a detailed look at the past and what happened you will need to read the Book of Enoch. But the short version is that when the angels fell they saw the daughters of men (human women) and took for themselves those which they wanted and a breeding program was born. From them came the Giborim...the offspring of the Nephilim...who were giants.

These giants being unnatural were born with deformities and madness which apparently progressed as time went on. It was common for them to have six fingers and toes as well as a double set of jagged teeth. There are stories by Native Americans of giants running next to buffalo and ripping a leg off of them and eating it raw. They also ate man at times. Obviously they did not blend well into the human race and stood out like a sore thumb. So from this point forward the demons began doing trans-species DNA manipulation. Hence the stories of people being abducted by aliens, missing umbilical cords from hospitals, animal mutilations where they took the reproductive organs and so forth. Make no mistake...these are not aliens but rather demons.

They needed to blend into humanity to accomplish their means. They needed to create a "fit extension" or a way to birth a soulless body to use for their purpose. Now we begin the what if's.

What if they have succeeded with their cloning of perfect "fit extensions" for themselves to walk into? What if they have been perfecting this for years and now have thousands, if not more, ready...all set to be born. The birthing of a "new race" as Lady GaGa has said. Suppose they were "created" to all be "born" on a specific date? What date might they choose? How would they "walk into" those bodies from another dimension?

Do you suppose they might choose the number 11? Like they chose 9-11 for their ritual, blood sacrifice? Could the Mayan Elders have used the 13 crystal skull ritual to "call" those ancient spirits forth to inhabit their "new home"? This is, of course, all speculation, nothing can yet be proven....but what if? Isn't it odd that on 11-11-11 the mainstream focus was on the giving and taking in marriage as in the days of Noah and the births that took place on that date?

I can't say anything for certain except that God does not warn His people for no reason..and WE ALL got that warning. So something happened on that date and I can't help but feel that this just might be what it was. While we were all looking to the skies and watching rivers on the planet, deep within the caverns of our Earth a new species, a new race of ancients were returning for the last and final time. For all our sakes...I hope I am wrong.

Please watch the video's below for more detailed information.

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