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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Unequally yoked to the darkness

While I have read some awesome testimonies that were incredibly inspiring I have trouble calling what I am about to tell you a testimony. The reason being is that I have had so many amazing encounters with angels of God and so many gifts granted to me that my life has become one continual testimony. So this would be just an excerpt from that story.

I feel compelled to tell you this because things are going to get very bad and very dark on this planet...very soon. While this was one of the worst points in my life it also turned out to be one of the most meaningful, insightful and blessed periods as well. So for this story I begin by taking you back in time to 7 months May.

I was living in an apartment which was lovely and had the best neighbors that anyone could ever ask for. I had been there for 5 years and to me in was home. I have health issues which I will not go into, I will only say that I was a certified nursing assistant for roughly 18 years and a vet assistant for about 10 years. Those years of heavy lifting of patients and restraining large dogs had taken its toll on existing conditions to the point that I could no longer do those jobs...or any others for that matter. I had been trying to get disability for about two years at this point and now had a lawyer helping me with my case.

Because I was unable to work I fell behind in my rent and my landlord, knowing I was trying to get disability was being so kind as to allow me to stay there with the promise that I would pay him out of my lump sum that I would get once approved. I did pay him some with help that I received from the township and I had a little old lady next door that I would check on and sit and talk with and her family would pay me to do that.

Out of the blue...everything changed in a matter of one week. My neighbor got sick and went into the hospital, sadly never to return home again. She went into assisted living far from where she had lived. My landlord suddenly became unwilling to wait any longer. Even though he was still getting half of his rent monthly I figure with the economy becoming what it had...he just could not do it any longer. I was being a kindly manner...but evicted none the less.

I basically have no family save for one sister who is on a fixed income herself (social security) and lives in a very small home. Her and both loved living alone and the peace that comes with that. I am an animal lover and had my cats and birds to also worry about and that made it difficult too. She told me I was welcome but not my animals. Well, they are like my kids. They are family members to me and you just don't dump your family because life gets tough.

I had a friend that I had met on the internet and I had been talking with on the phone for about 3-4 years. I will call her Jane to keep her identity unknown. We would sometimes talk for hours because I had Magic Jack that connects through your computer and is basically almost free. She seemed very kind hearted and we had covered all manner of subjects over the years. We both loved animals. She, however, was a New Ager and I was and am a Christian.

We would talk about our beliefs and at times things could get a little intense on that subject but we agreed to disagree and remained friends. She lived on the coast and I lived in the central states so there was about 750 miles between us and our homes. Still, when she heard my plight she was very sympathetic and invited me to come and live by her.

Now normally that would have been out of the question. But I began thinking that I had been almost no place in my life, my sister had her life and had been traveling. Why not? After all I was sick of dealing with snow because with my condition walking on it is almost impossible. Jane had an elderly mother living with her and was hopeful that my presence could help with that too. I explained to her that I was not able to do heavy labor but would be able to watch her if Jane needed to go out for a short time here and there.

To make a long story short...I sold my car and rented a man who had a van to drive me to my destination. That was what he did for a living. The trouble began before I even left. It became one thing after another, I would no sooner fix one problem and another would rear its ugly head. I seriously felt that I was being demonically attacked. I would put on the armor of God and rebuke and would have no effect. I could not understand it.

Finally the day arrived and I packed the van and said my goodbyes. 12 hours and 750 miles later at 11p.m. at night I arrived at Jane's door. When she opened the door I was excited to finally meet her face to face. I put my arms out to hug her and was not really given a very enthusiastic hug to say the least. Okay, I figured maybe she is tired, it was late after all. I walked into her kitchen and my heart dropped.

I am not one to judge people by their looks or their wealth or lack of it. It was not any of that, that caused me to know that I had made a HUGE mistake. Rather it was the condition of the house. From the looks of it I was  pretty sure that she was a hoarder. Because she was a hoarder things were not all. There were fruit flies everywhere, the carpet in the den behind the kitchen was filthy and full of stains...there was no place to put anything and everywhere you walked you had to step over something and while attempting to do that would inadvertently knock something else over.

I was taken to my "room" upstairs. There was a bare bulb in the ceiling fixture with two large, unidentified flying insects buzzing around it and the adjacent bathroom was infested with stink bugs. The room was ridiculously small and very hot with no fans or air conditioning. That night I cried myself to sleep.

Looking back, what I was thinking were demonic attacks was actually the Holy Spirit trying to tell me not to go. But I missed the message completely. Now I was trapped. No car, no job, no ability to work, no money and no one I knew. I came to learn that that was the plan all along.

Turns out that Jane would actually place ads on Craigslist to rent out rooms in exchange for work being done around the 3 1/2 acres of land that was her mothers. Of course only the most desperate of people would consent to this lop sided agreement and never did they ever stay for very long. Unless they were completely trapped, like me and Lindsey another poor soul, they left usually within a week or two.

I was made to hand over my food stamps to her as well as watch her mother all day, everyday. I was in charge of feeding her cats and dog as well as the outside animals, squirrels, birds, chipmonks and a fox. Then she put me in charge of the other people there..which I told her I would not do. One night she kept me up until 1:30 a.m. screaming at me about how unfair I was being. I was completely miserable and saw no way out of this situation. Lindsey and I would compare her to pharaoh in Egypt and we were the slaves.

Luckily I still had my computer and my Magic Jack phone. I was able to at least talk with my friends back home. Even then though she would attempt to eavesdrop and I had to be very cautious. I had another friend whom I had met online as well. She, however, was a Christian. Once I got hold of my emotions so that I could talk without bursting into tears...I called her.

She was horrified by what I was telling her. Talk about being unequally yoked! That is what I was and now I had a firsthand understanding of it. There is a huge difference between a Christian who is actually following God's laws and a New Ager. New Agers like to talk about illumination and advancing spiritually, becoming enlightened...but thats all it is. Talk. My friend Sarah did more that just talk.

She keeps God's law of tithing and because she is not with an Earthly church, that money is kept in a separate bank account until Sarah is shown by God what He wants done with it. Well, just before I had called her she had asked God..."what do you want me to do with that money?" It was growing to a decent amount and she felt that God should get it out of the bank just in case they folded. Then I called. She knew what God wanted her to do with that money now.

I spent 4 very long, hard months there and lost a ton of nerves were raw to say the least and I would cry at the drop of a hat. I was in constant pain and fear. But after talking to my dear sister in Christ I was back in the right state of mind. I was a Christian. I was to fear NO MAN! As long as I had God on my side...nothing could harm me without His say. I was a slave only to Christ. I had to have the faith OF Christ. Now I did.

She sent me the money and I bought a van with it. I could not get anyone to drive me to look at any this was all done via prayer. I looked on Craigslist and found a van in the right price range, in decent shape. I called the man who, of course turned out to be another Christian. He was completely honest with me about everything and even took the van to his mechanic to have it okayed for the long journey back. I needed a GPS system and this man actually even threw one in to the deal that he had as an extra...for free. I spent the day with him and his wife and we went to dinner...which they insisted on paying for. Then they followed me more than half way back to make sure I would not get lost. Only God could have orchestrated such an event!

When I walked in that night Jane tried to hit me with a guilt trip. Why didn't I call? They did not know where I was. My reply was no one cared earlier about how I would get there or back so why would I call? She thought that I wanted the vehicle to get around town there. She did not think I could move out or go back home. After all I still had nothing to go back to.

I had my disability hearing coming up at that point and I had to be back for it, I never switched anything from home to there because I never intended to stay...though I had no clue at the time how I would get out. I talked to Sarah...should I go to my disability hearing and come back to Jane's cause I had nowhere to go yet? Her reply? ARE YOU NUTS???? No, you leave there and you don't look back! You put your faith in God and have the faith of Christ and you go and trust that you will be cared for! Okay. I felt like God had said that to me Himself. I would do just that.

So the next day I went downstairs and announced to Jane that I would no longer be working on anything for her...from this point on I would be working on getting my stuff back in the van. I was leaving. Her reply was..."yes I know but when will you be back?" I said no I am leaving and I am not coming back. She literally looked like I had slapped her as she took a step backwards and said..."Oh, I didn't think you could do that."
She thought I was must have been a real shock to find that I was not. I guess that her demons don't keep her as well informed as our God does us.

I looked for a place to live right up until the day I was leaving and was having no success. I called my sister to tell her what was happening and that I would be coming home. "Where will you live" she asked? In my van I guess, till I can find a place. What else can I do? I replied. Then came the shock of a lifetime. "You can stay here, if you want" she said. I told her...I still have my animals. That was okay with will not be forever, just till you get your disability. I said, but there are no guarantees that I will get it.

It was interesting that both my sister and Sarah seemed very confident that I would get my disability. Once again, I believe God was talking and telling me just that. I arrived back home in my 1988 Ram God Mobile. I had my hearing, won my case and am waiting, like everyone else, to be taken home at last. Until then I am basically working to get the word out to people about God.

Having now had firsthand experience with a pagan and learning how completely deceptive Satan and his lies and liars can be all I can say is that if they do not want to change and be with Christ then I am not interested in having them as "friends". Christ died to redeem us all and then He saves us all again and again...7x7x7x7....
What more can you possibly want? Do not be deceived like I was, do not be unequally yoked to the darkness, fear no man, trust God and have the faith of Christ that God will help you no matter what and then TRUST HIM.

As for you pagans and New Agers out there...God help you all to see the light of Christ. You are so entrenched in a false light that you cannot see the pervading darkness surrounding you. You are not enlightened, you are ensnared, you are not illumined, you are ill informed, you are not spiritually advanced, you are spiritual prisoners awaiting your doom. Cry out to God, cry out to Jesus Christ, ask to be saved before its too late and leave your false teachers and "ascended masters" behind. These are not ascended masters...these are fallen angels and demons that you are praying to and honoring. There is only one that can answer your prayers and lead you to God above...not a legion. Do not be deceived any longer. My prayers are with you all.  

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