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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Giants of Old, the Watchers or EL-ohim

This is a re-print from and a link to a New Age site. Obviously I am not promoting New Ageism, however, this particular article is of major interest. Some of our Native American friends are VERY much in tune with God and a lot of their prophecy lines up perfectly with ours as well. But because of the nature of this site I do want to warn you that most of what is being spoken of on here is very demonic in nature. The person writing this is receiving various forms of communications such as this:

"The Zohar communicated to me that they were installed at the Giza Plateau eons ago to guard and protect the spiritual energy and wisdom of the Vortex Stargate. They indicated that I would witness the Capstone returning in the etheric to the Great Pyramid which I did early the next morning. The ancient Zohar Serpent Beings said I would move and activate the Giza Vortex Stargate energies from Giza to Cathedral Rock of Sedona, Arizona for the new RE-GEN-ISIS program of Light for 2012 and beyond.  I knew that it was not anything I had any personal control over, as my higher self was activated and in charge. As they gave me an energetic healing transmission and then retreated out of my line of vision I was in a rapturous bliss for some time."

Ancient Zohar Serpent Beings? Make no mistake...this is Satanic in nature. However, we must know our enemy well to be prepared for the coming onslaught of deceptions. These Nephilim are awaiting a point of re-activation. They are being held in a sort of suspended animation right now but will rise in the future. This very thing has been communicated by God to me via a prophetic dream in which I personally witnessed the rising from a grave of a GIANT nephilim female. She was being assisted by several "humans" under demonic control. These same "suspended" and "in-tact" giant bodies have also been discovered in mountainous caves in Tibet as well and I assure you are in may other areas, including under the Earth.

They are going to tell us at the time of their rise, just as they are communicating to this person, that they are here to "help" us. NOTHING could be further from the truth. Please check out this article, but use caution and do not be deceived into believing the lies being spread via these people under demonic control. The article I am pointing at by name has no direct link to it, you must scroll to the middle towards the end of the page to find it.

The Giants of Old, the Watchers or EL-ohim by Amarushka

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