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Monday, October 24, 2011

Letter to the Illuminati

At first glance this blog may appear to have a lot of bad news that can be overwhelming. But the beauty of it is that I believe our Lord is coming soon. This is not a wake up call as some have expressed to me...we are way past wake up calls and second chances. God our Father has been more than patient in waiting for us to turn to Him. Now we are reaping our just desserts of destruction brought about by turning our backs on Him. Now we will either turn to Him for the last and final time on earth or away from Him for all eternity.

We have chosen to allow Him to be taken out of schools, courtrooms, offices and our lives. We have chosen to act as pagans by killing our own children and sacrificing them to the gods of convenience. We have killed all God's creatures which He made us stewards of. We have polluted our air, water and land which He loaned to us to provide us with health, nutrition, beauty and peace. Earth is our trash can or so it would seem. We have raised a generation of children who are turning into cold blooded killers. We have offered no instruction to our children about our most beautiful Creator. We have left these children to seek out and find their own idols to worship in the form of name brand clothing, drugs, money, sex and a myriad of other meaningless objects and idols as well which have left them empty, angry and open to the darkness to prey on.

The darkness has preyed upon them well and is turning them on us as seems only fitting when you think about it. They were abandoned...starting with latch key kids and ending in Columbine. Whose fault it was does not really matter anymore because it was ALL our fault in one way or another. You can blame big business for hiking the prices so high that families needed more than one bread winner. You can blame the finance companies for giving credit to people that had no way to EVER pay it back. You can blame it on women's lib for taking mother's away from home. You can blame it on the silent majority that sat back and let it happen. The bottom line is WE ALL ALLOWED it to happen...either by partaking in it or by saying nothing as it happened. The darkness slowly crept in until it consumed us and the planet and now we are living the book of Revelations day by day.

There may have been a point where we could have turned back but no longer is that a possibility. BP has changed this world now forever more just as the episode of the Twin Towers changed America forever more. The abyss has been opened and the evil is flooding the world as we sit and watch and get lied to by our evil leaders who only care about one thing....MONEY. That is their god and they will follow it right into the lake of fire. They will do it knowing full well what they are doing because they have been planning it since day one.

The sad part is that they have in their clutches...the whole of humanity...just a very few top, elite who are being duped by satan himself . Of course they don't see it that way...they think they are wise and are leading the blind masses to their slaughter, while they get filthy rich. Which they are. But there a couple of things these so called wise aristocrats are forgetting. They are forgetting that they and those they love also need this planet to survive and they are sentencing themselves and their children to certain death as well. But even above and beyond that...they have forgotten that there is a GOD. A real Creator who made ALL of this and they are NOT serving Him. They are serving the True God's enemy and for that alone they will pay. They will pay dearly...for all the pain and suffering they have caused all of God's creations. For all the chaos and hatred, for all those that they have caused to fall from grace, for all those they have caused to starve to death, for all the abortions they made possible to happen, for all  the families they tore apart, for all the despair they have wrought upon this world, for all the fear they spread with their filthy lies, for their greed and avarice, for their love of death and destruction, for the lies against God that they have perpetuated, for all the disease they have caused, for their false life created in laboratories, for the mixing of species...our God will turn them to dust, for their hatred of God...they  will pay!!!

They will pay for eternity, in fires that will never die, in darkness that cannot be penetrated, in the filth they love so much with the lowest of lows they will suffer forever more for leading His children astray and defiling all that was good in creation. They will thirst so badly they would gladly give every earthy dime for one drop of water...but they will never get it. They will be tortured day and night though they will have no idea of time because there will be nothing to mark it by. Their flesh will blister but never burn. Their skin will melt and hang but they will never be consumed. The Lord God has spoken and so it shall be.

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