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Sunday, July 15, 2012


Thank you Father. For all the many things that we take for granted on a daily basis that make life pleasant, good, peaceful and joyous.

Thank you for fresh, clean water that sustains all life and a myriad of creatures that belong to another watery world within our world.

Thank you for clear blue skies and fluffy white clouds which supplies all life with life giving oxygen and a myriad of shapes to daydream by.

Thank you for our sun that warms our planet perfectly and coaxes seeds to spring forth feed all life.

Thank you for warm sand to lie on while daydreaming on clouds.

Thank you for the nutrient rich soil which supplies the basis of life for all greenery and all life.

Thank you for trees of all kinds to supply shade, beauty, fruit, safety and homes for countless animals and little kids to climb.

Thank you for the wind which cools us on warm summer days and carries the seeds to their new home.

Thank you for mountains and valleys, flat lands and coastlines, hills and plains. Who could ever get bored?

Thank you for Your colorful sunsets and sunrises, masterpieces which our most famous artists can only envy.

Thank you for our moon which lights the darkest night, illumines us our paths and controls the tides.

Thank you for the stars and galaxies so vast, complex and beautiful containing Your love story written to us.

Thank you for all the beautiful animals, endless species which give only an inkling of Your great power, imagination and love.

Thank you for our bodies which are a wonder, universes within universes, our temple to carry You with us.

Thank you for our senses to experience the beauty of a bird in flight, the feel of a velvety violets leaf, the sound of my cat purring, the scent of a rose and the taste of fine wine.

This list could be endless, like You...a good book, a fireplace, a warm bath and soft bed with cool many things that are so good, so many things to be so grateful for.

Things we never consider like the rotation of our Earth and the gravity that keeps us in place. The order of the universe which is constant, perfect and safe.

Father, Your goodness surrounds us on a daily basis, You keep us safe, fed, watered and Your eyes are on us all. You even provided a Shepherd to watch over and lead your flock.

So many people go their ways and never give a thought to You or worse still...speak and act against You...which we have ALL done at sometime in our miserable, pathetic lives. Even if we never meant to.

We have grown complacent and spoiled. Instead of asking, we demand, instead of giving, we take, instead of loving, we hate, instead of praying, we fight, instead of forgiving, we accuse, instead of sharing, we hoard.

We put ourselves first and allow our egos to run amuck, we make excuses for our actions, our vanity is despicable and rampant. We are full of pride. I have to ask...what are we so proud of?

What have we done that can even begin to compare with You? EVERY THING that exists, exists because YOU will it to be. There is nothing....NO - THING... that man can do without You first creating that man and giving him a soul. What can top that?

So Father I just wanted to say thank YOU for this beautiful experience and all the wonderful beings of every species that I have had the priviledge of knowing along my journey. I have grumbled along the way and complained like the Israelites...seems to be what we do best.

But I have loved YOU and I have loved Your creation, I have loved Your beauty and goodness which shines back and reflects Your undying love for us all. I am sorry that I ever grumbled or took for granted even the smallest moment.

Because when someone loves you so much to give you such a magnificent gift...the least you can do is say thank YOU.

So Father, thank YOU and I love you with all my heart, mind, soul and being.

Your Daughter

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