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Monday, July 30, 2012

ApocaNews Links

Economy: The U.S. Retail Collapse Accelerates

Superstorm Strikes East Coast: At Least 300,000 Without Power After Tornado Sweeps Through New York

Is Bigfoot Possibly an Alien Entity? 

Correspondence From Minister -Amazing Revelation (Compliments of Steve Quayles site)

"The Zombie Apocalypse" - An interview with Augusto Perez – audio

Program Note: Steve Quayle guests on Doug and Joe Hagmann's The Hagmann & Hagmann Report Tues. July 31, 7-10p.m. MDT, 9-12 p.m. EDT, Listen. Topic: Firearms and Freedom and What's Really Behind Anti-Gun Crowd Show

Terrified patients flee hospitals in wake of Ebola outbreak

A 200,000 Years Old Metropolis found in Africa

Thousands of Christians run for their lives

Excessive demand crashes electric grid in northern India- 370 million left without power in sweltering heat

Kirishima volcano in Kyushu, Japan on high alert level


Mayan Tablets Released by Mexican Government


Floods force evacuations in Costa Rica


Report: US presents Israel with Iran strike plan


Terrified patients flee hospitals in wake of Ebola outbreak




(LEAD) Nuke reactor malfunctions, shuts down at Younggwang plant 

Dershowitz: Anti-Chick-fil-A Mayors 'Showing Terrible Intolerance'

6.0 Earthquake shakes Mexican coast 

U.S. fears overdue 'megathrust' earthquake will trigger tsunami and decimate unprepared cities on north-west coast

6.6-magnitude earthquake hits off Papua New Guinean island

'Shortage of dialysis tubes' after earthquake hits factories

Genetically modified 3-parent children hitting their teens

Drought killing fish, waterfowl threatened too 

How USA's drought is changing how business is done

Tornado hits Bohol; 85 houses, boats destroyed

Severe flooding hits North Korea, kills 88

D-DAY! Disclosure Imminent?

Poll: Majority of Israelis Want Prayers on the Temple Mount, 

But No Temple

Just a face in a crowd? Scans pick up ID, personal data

NBC Cuts Out Olympic Tribute To Terrorism Victims During Opening Ceremonies For American Viewers

Crops Keep Shrinking in Historic Drought

Disaster in Florida? Hospital Revokes Vacations Aug. 9 - Sept. 8 (Compliments of Stan Deyo's Website)

Scalia Opens Door for Gun-Control Legislation, Extends Slow Burning Debate

Keep the Pressure Up: Sign the Petition to Stop the US from Signing the Arms Trade Treaty! HOLLY COMMENT: Since as of July 27th, this has already been voted down, on the petition letter after where it reads: "July 27th in New York City" we added the phrase "and ALL such future legislation". (Complimets of Stan Deyo's website)

Navy SEAL Lessons Learned From Aurora Colorado

Brandon Darby: FBI Ignoring Sex Trafficking of Minors

DC Mayor calls Chick-fil-A 'Hate Chicken'

China's Gift to U.S. Homeowners

Comment: On the article below, why should we be surprised? BO has yet to prove he was born here so he is not going to make aliens prove anything.

Illegals Begin Exploiting Obama Immigration Order

Turkish military convoy heads for Syrian border

Watch for more people to flee their homes across the world

New Zealand PM John Key to vote for gay marriage 

Guards at 7 Ill. prisons searched

A Divine Revelation of Hell (Audio)

DARPA moving ahead with building zombie Frankensatellites

In Israel, Romney declares Jerusalem to be capital

An ill wind blows between US and Israeli intelligence over attack on Iran

Replacement theology, Israel and her enemies

The Manufactured "Debt" Crisis

Summer of Rage: Rabies Surge in Some States Might Be Due to Heat

Breaking: Major Harvard Study Published in Federal Govt Journal Confirms Fluoride Lowers IQ

Ugandan officials, international experts tackle Ebola outbreak that's left 14 dead

6 more Ugandans admitted to hospital with possible Ebola

1st West Nile Case Reported in NY as Virus Hits 17 States

Moon as Bright as the Sun

The Letters J And H, And 3 Visions That Have Come True


Comment: Soviet geologists were drilling at the site in 1971 and tapped into a cavern filled with natural gas. It was also Soviets drilling that gave us the "sounds of hell". Do you think Yah is trying to tell them/us something?

The Door to Hell: Take a look inside a giant hole in the desert which has been on fire for more than 40 YEARS 

The Counterfeit Rapture

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