Are you under demonic attack?

Many are right now and soon we will face more demons than any other generation in history. We need to learn NOW how to cast out, bind and loose and so much more before the time comes to actually have to use it!

Therefore I have created another sister site called LOJ DELIVERANCE. You will find video's to cast out demons from yourself, loved ones, friends and don't forget your pets too. Always begin with yourself first for protection when casting out and binding.

Don't wait till your faced with a demon ridden individual attacking you...learn this now and be prepared! God bless and help us all.


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Monday, July 16, 2012

ApocaNews Links

FAA Releases Thousands of Pages of Drone Records

 New Ground-Based Laser Can Extend Drone Flight Time Indefinitely

 National Reconnaissance Office accused of illegally collecting personal data

Royal Navy's largest warship sails down the Thames as armed forces put on show of strength for Olympics

Security shambles worsens as police and Royal Marines have to step in to protect athletes as G4S staff fail to turn up for work

Husband and wife shooters barred from sharing a room at the Olympic Village

Horrific moment Israeli protester sets himself on fire is captured by TV crews and photographers

Harrowing snapshots from a civil war: Front line photos show Syria's descent into terror as Russia accuses West of blackmail

Blood-soaked naked man 'breaks into two homes and kills elderly woman

Beaten, stripped and burned with cigarettes for 45 minutes: Horrific video of attack on young woman by mob of TWENTY sparks outrage after it was posted on YouTube

Outrage as police shoot and kill the wrong man in hunt for attempted murder suspect, after showing up unannounced in the middle of the night

Hillary's motorcade pelted with tomatoes and shoes as Egyptian protesters shout 'Monica, Monica'

Revealed: Miami cannibal Rudy Eugene had met his victim before horrifying attack

Terrible echoes of the tsunami: Devastating floods in Japan leave 28 dead and force a quarter of a million to flee their homes

Don't forget the skeleton key: Eerie 'Bone House' of Austria is home to macabre display of 1,200 skulls

White House Seizes Control of Internet by Executive Order

Low Flying Plane Is On A Mosquito Mission (lots of zombie attacks from here)

Hidden Government Scanners Will Instantly Know Everything About You From 164 Feet Away

A Global Reality: Governmental Access to Data in the Cloud 

Verizon Claims Right to “Edit” What You See on the Internet

London’s Militarised Olympic Games Conjures Up Orwell’s 1984

FDA spied extensively on its scientists’ private emails

U.S. Drugged Detainees to Obtain FALSE Confessions

How privacy-conscious consumers are fooling, hacking smart meters

 U.S. Drone Manufacturers Contribute Millions to Congressional Campaigns

 Terrorised Chicago residents plead for police crackdown as gang war murders soar







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