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Thursday, July 26, 2012

ApocaNews Links

EXCLUSIVE: James Holmes’ “Mentor” Admits To Mind Manipulation

The Terrifying Background of the Man Who Ran a CIA Assassination Unit

With Nuclear Power Plants Offline, Japan Runs Up Record Trade Deficit Burning Imported Fuels; Export Markets Slumping

Comment: More and more police are resorting to shooting rather than using non-violent methods. A police state is just around the corner.

Anaheim Police Shoot At Journalists And Protesters In Front Of City Hall

100 Million Poor People In America And 39 Other Facts About Poverty That Will Blow Your Mind

America’s laws governing digital and mobile surveillance are an unholy mess

FDIC Loaned $618 Billion to Banks During Panic; Who Got How Much?

Is Chick-fil-A fulfilling the need for fellowship that the churches used to?

Worries grow as healthcare firms send jobs overseas

Mysterious Building -- Older Than Pyramids?

Shrunken Head DNA Proves Horrific Folklore True

Chief investigator accused of being foreign agent

'Muslim Brothers plotting overthrow of Gulf states'

Discovery of  The Royal Castle of Hazor lends credence to Book of Joshua!

From the ashes: Jerusalem re-imagined

From the Temple Institute: Tisha B'av video gets hostile reception from Egypt. (like this is new?)

Time To Get Serious About Safeguarding The Temple Mount

Weather Extremes Leave Parts of U.S. Grid Buckling

Face to face with the ‘human barcode’

The System Here And There Is Totally Broken

Colorado Shooting: We Have Been Lied To- Proof

NYT: Obama Writes News For Us

Romney slams Obama for undermining Israeli leaders

Concealed weapons save lives

Hey, Boston: Leave Chick-fil-A Alone

8.6 earthquake possible in Southern California? Caltech study suggests new ‘mega-earthquake’ risk

41 gas emissions and low rumbling tremors: Popocatépetl simmers, biding her time

Antarctic: Grand Canyon-sized rift 'speeding ice melt'

Are we heading for a global food crisis? 

Incredibly aggressive Chemtrailling above Vorarlberg in Austria

Word From The Lord--Destruction Upon Destruction

The 4 Horsemen of the High-Tech Apocalypse

Damaging Storm Outbreak Today: Ohio Valley, Northeast

New Swarm of Quakes Hit S. California

Man dies after 6.6 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia

Some rain but not enough to stave off crop losses 

Sandinistas vs. Monsanto

UN arms treaty takes shape, raising alarm among gun rights advocates

Obama calls for strengthening gun rules, Reid says no time for debate

Media Underplays Successful Defensive Gun Use

Common Defense: In Crisis, America Buys Guns, Hurray!

Comment: Interesting that this story below comes in just before the Olympics begin:

Congress warned that al-Qaida in Iraq is coming to America 

US government ran chemical experiments on military veterans under operations MKUltra, Bluebird and Artichoke

Iran Pledges to Deploy Warships in the Atlantic 

Report: 105 families flee Syria, enter Gaza

Hepatitis outbreak in New Hampshire strikes fear in 7 other states

Comment: The mark of the beast is coming SOON:

Every American To Be Microchipped In 2013 Per Obamacare

Is Global Trade About To Collapse? Where are Oil Prices Headed? 

Christians' Fate Perilous

A message to the rapture not ready church

Days of Destruction

Illuminati card shows Aurora Colorado shooting?

South Africa in shock over horror killings as parents are murdered in their own home and son, 12, is drowned in BOILING WATER




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