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Friday, December 23, 2011

"U.S missiles to Iran" story from 2003, says Alex Jones

U.K.'s Daily Mail has always been a reputable source of news since I have been watching them till now. It would seem that somehow this news story became "recycled". I am not sure how something like that happens, but it apparently did. What is troubling to me is that when I went to their site today to see what explanation they might have I was met with complete silence. There is no retraction, apology or explanation...they are simply ignoring their tremendous error. So for that reason, more than the mistake itself, because we can all make those, I will no longer consider UK Daily Mail (Mail Online) to be a credible source any longer.

If that was a ploy to see how many viewers they have and get some publicity...they certainly have accomplished both. When the story was first reported I did an internet search in the early afternoon yesterday and could not find a single news article on it by anyone else. But by 5:30-6:00 p.m. when people were getting home from work and getting online that story was literally everywhere. An internet search on it brought up over one million results at that point. The problem was that as I searched the various web sites I was finding that ALL of their sources were the same one. This was very suspicious and caused me to pull my original story at first. But then I decided to go ahead and print it with a followup on what I was finding also asking anyone who knew anything to please let me know.

Alex Jones was one of the first after my friend Hummingbird did a YouTube video on it and I, to print the article also and then it just went ballistic. So I actually think that the viral aspect of it had more to do with him than the original my opinion. Today Alex has also printed what he has discovered and you can read that at

But just a word here...I find it interesting and very telltale that this story went viral so fast. At a time when it appears that most of the world has gone asleep and is not paying attention, when mainstream media is being paid to keep secrets from us and this planet seems on the verge of a world war at any moment; this shows us two things. First that most people are turning to alternative news sources to find the truth and second that far more people than we knew are wide awake and aware of the coming demise of this planet and its people. I just pray that these people are also drawing close to Jesus Christ and searching Him out even more so than the news...because He is the ONLY hope that any of us have at this point.

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