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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Deny Christ...Christ WILL deny you

Being "called" to the ministry apparently has a very different meaning today in 2011 than it did in years past. It used to be that when someone became a minister or for that matter even a nun or had to assume they were believers in at least God. This is no longer the case. How is that for upside down and backwards?

Reading an article about a Reverend Klaas Hendrikse of the Netherlands tells quite a different story. He is a Minister at the Exodus Church in Gorinchem, central Holland. The church service consists of Bible readings, hymns and strangely enough the "Lords" prayer. Makes me wonder what lord he is speaking to when saying the prayer? I say this because a direct quote from this man is as follows: "Make the most of life on earth, because it will probably be the only one you get, personally I have no talent for believing in life after death," Mr Hendrikse says. "No, for me our life, our task, is before death." Huh???

In fact this man does not believe that God is even a being...he says God is a word for a "human experience". Really? He also says that Jesus is a mythological being showing us how to live a "good" life. What a fool! What an apostasy!

And of course he has a book..."Believing in a Non-Existent God", which actually did get some Christians riled up enough to try and remove him from the church. But guess what? His "views" where so common place that they could not relieve him from duty. In other words...MOST people agreed with him! A study by the Free University of Amsterdam found that one-in-six clergy in the PKN and six other smaller denominations was either agnostic or atheist. So much for the coming is already here...we know that but this is astounding to me.

Now later on the Rev Kirsten Slettenaar, Exodus Church's regular priest, also rejects the idea - widely considered central to Christianity - that Jesus was divine as well as human. He states: "I think 'Son of God' is a kind of title," she says. "I don't think he was a god or a half god. I think he was a man, but he was a special man because he was very good in living from out of love, from out of the spirit of God he found inside himself." Does this sound schizophrenic to you? A minute ago Jesus never even existed and for that matter neither did what do they teach their parish?

And it comes as no surprise either that they believe Christianity is not the only way...calling Christ a liar to boot! One of the people attending the church for the past 20 years said: "I think it's very liberating. [Klaas Hendrikse] is using the Bible in a metaphorical way so I can bring it to my own way of thinking, my own way of doing."and yet another says: "Here you can believe what you want to think for yourself, what you really feel and believe is true." Talk about self centered? Talk about egotistical? Talk about Satan led? These people are following the god that they have made themselves out to be. THEY are on the throne inside their own double hearts. The way that they are following is WIDE and leads straight to destruction. And these so called reverends, wolves in sheep's clothing, are leading many, many people, willingly down this highway to hell!

Now as if THAT were not, Satan has really sunk his claws into the very souls of these folks. This so called "church" is in the red light district and participates in "speed dating" events for the congregation.
As skimpily dressed girls began to appear in red-lit windows in the streets outside, visitors to the church moved from table to table to discuss love with a succession of strangers.

But why be surprised at this when you have Catholic churches peddling BINGO in their basements and Evangelicals opening their arms to gay priests, parishoners and women priests as well? Nothing that God teaches in the Bible is held as sacred any longer. His commandments and Laws are tossed out with Christ to the curb.

Professor Hijme Stoffels of the VU University Amsterdam says: "In our society it's called 'somethingism'," he says. "There must be 'something' between heaven and earth, but to call it 'God', and even 'a personal God', for the majority of Dutch is a bridge too far. Christian churches are in a market situation. They can offer their ideas to a majority of the population which is interested in spirituality or some kind of religion."

Well that's just dandy Mr. Stoffels...but in God's eyes your 'somethingism' is a complete abomination and YOU as well as all of the other so called leaders of this Satanically led church are going to stand before God ...SOON and explain why you have led so many of God's beloved people down a path to ruin. You and all of your followers WILL be kicked off of your self centered, almighty thrones right into hellfire and damnation for ETERNITY! Then I suppose you will all see for yourselves just how GOOD and REAL this "mythological" Christ is. If your smart you will repent and tell your followers just how wrong you are now...while there is still time. Christ will forgive you, Christ, who died to bridge the gap between us and God is the ONLY way to heaven, Christ loves all of you, despite your lack of respect, humility and love.

Take heed to this. If you continue to deny Christ...Christ WILL deny you. May God open your eyes before its too late.

Please take the time to read Is America Babylon . Though the people in this article that I wrote about are not in the USA there are plenty of ministers, reverends and priests leading the people that follow them right down the path to hell. This is a very serious matter because God holds these "leaders" even more accountable than He does the average person.

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