Are you under demonic attack?

Many are right now and soon we will face more demons than any other generation in history. We need to learn NOW how to cast out, bind and loose and so much more before the time comes to actually have to use it!

Therefore I have created another sister site called LOJ DELIVERANCE. You will find video's to cast out demons from yourself, loved ones, friends and don't forget your pets too. Always begin with yourself first for protection when casting out and binding.

Don't wait till your faced with a demon ridden individual attacking you...learn this now and be prepared! God bless and help us all.


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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Spiritual Warfare

Just a word to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. You are NOT alone. Attacks are coming out of the woodwork against God's people everywhere. I am getting attacked by family and strangers alike and even my computer is on the attack. Satan is the prince of the power of the air and of this world...he can use his own people who are pagans at heart, electronics, the weather, animal...and a host of other things to drive another stake into our hearts.

He does this to hopefully get a rise out of us and cause us to fall into sin and at the very least to cause chaos and hurt feelings, to wound us and those we care feed his lust for pain, anguish and hatred for God. His hatred of us is only paled by his hatred of God. But what he does not grasp is that even IF we do fall...our loving and gracious God will forgive us as long as we repent and try never to do it again...though He knows we will. Its our determination to TRY not to that matters most to Him. Satans ego will not allow him to repent...there is no room for anything in his heart but hate. His every move and intention has hate at its root.

We must remember that we are caught in the middle of a spiritual war between principalities and powers and God Almighty. The only reason that the principalities and powers are battling for OUR souls is to hurt God, while God's ultimate purpose is to save our souls from eternal damnation and slavery under those most evil of beings.

We must remember daily to put on our Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20) and command the evil spirits (out loud...because they cannot read your mind...praise God) to STAND DOWN in Yashua's  name. I have personally found that this works very well as long as you remember to do it daily. I have also found that IF I, per chance, forget, they are waiting and lurking to hit me with their best shot. This does serve to remind you well...I must admit. 

We must remember to pray for ALL of God's people and Israel daily. Because just as we are under attack and our enemy is working through all those whom they can control, so too it is with Israel. Like us, regardless of what her sins of the past or present are, God still loves her dearly. She will be the most blessed nation of all when this is over. The evil that exists knows this and is sitting crouched and drooling with hatred on all sides of her. She needs our prayers.

We must not forget to pray for God's angels who are on the front lines doing battle daily to keep us safe and defend the Lord. We forget sometimes that they too are created beings because they are so above us and help us. Manna from heaven is angel food, so they also eat and the same food that sustains them also sustains us. Though they do not die and are immortal, they have free will, also like us. I do not believe that the ones who are now defending God would ever defect to the other side but I do believe that they need our prayers to give them even more strength, courage and encouragement. We created beings all need that.

Finally, we must remember the most important thing of all, as I said in the beginning, we are NOT alone. No matter how dark things appear to be, no matter who or what is coming against us, there is one that is above all of creation and has counted every hair on our heads because we mean that much to him. He is always with us, He was with us before we were born, He was with us in the womb, He is with us throughout all life and sustains us in all we do. He has legions and I mean LEGIONS of angels at His beckon call to help us and guide our steps lest we fall. All of God's people literally fill any room that they enter into with the Holy Spirit and His angels...if we could only see what is following us we would never worry about another thing...ever. Anything that satan or his cohorts does to us is being allowed by God to teach us this very thing. To rely on God for everything with the faith OF Yashua.

May God bless and strengthen us all in faith.

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