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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Zionism, the restoration of Israel, the false Koran and the Supernatural, Part I I

There is a supernatural spirit that has been manipulating those open to it or rather them...since the fall of mankind took place. While we are in day to day life that spirit can be difficult to spot unless the Holy Spirit is guiding you through your life. As we look back in history it becomes more apparent.

For instance,  many of America's founding fathers were Masons. Did this make them evil men? I don't think so. Did it make them puppets...absolutely. But they and the general population at that were not aware of it. Yet when we look at Washington D.C. we can now clearly see the Masonic symbols in the layout of the city that forms a pentagram, the Washington monument that is the phallic symbol of Nimrod and so much more. You can look up the background to that city and its Masonic roots for yourself as that is not the focus of this article. My point is that it is a supernatural spirit at work behind the scenes that is at war with God and therefore us as well. It never rests as it has no need of rest, its extremely intelligent, it was around BEFORE the birth of mankind and therefore has a supreme knowledge of mankind's nature, it loathes us and the closer we are to God the more its hatred for us grows.

Because God loves Israel so very much...He calls her the apple of His eye...Israel is this spirits prime directive to destroy and take its seat in the most Holy and beloved place on Earth...instead of God. It wants to crush God by crushing EVERYTHING that God loves. That is supremely evil and THAT is what we are at war with. And without God in your life you have NO chance of outwitting this spirit and surviving. Now back to the story.

When the these Arab nations wage war against Israel, its with Russian planes, tanks and rifles, it was then and it is now. The Russians were pouring billions of dollars of weapons into the Arab world so that they could fight three major wars against Israel in 1956, 1967 and 1973. And now they are doing it again so that Iran can make a stand against the U.S..

Oddly, when the first votes were being taken in the fledgling United Nations, the Soviet Union joined with the Allies in supporting the partition of the so called Palestine into Jewish and Arab sections. But by the time of the Israeli-Arab conflict that took place in 1956, the Soviet Union had aligned themselves with Egypt and the other Arab nations. Now, Its not hard to explain how Communism was opposed to Christianity, but how are the atheistic Communists able to could cooperate with the monotheistic Muslims, and vice versa? Once again we see this spirit manipulating mankind to do its bidding, because left to their own ideals and beliefs they could never have worked together or seen eye to eye about anything.

Millions of Jews resided in Russia and lots of them wanted to emigrate back home to Israel. The Soviet government  was turning down their applications left and right and because of that thousands
of Jews came to be known as “refuseniks”. Because of the denials that were being issued Russia became the new Egypt and the international cry arose once again, “Let My people go”!

So the Arab nations became clients of the Soviet Union who were pouring thousands of tons of military supplies, planes, tanks, rifles and support equipment into the Arab areas surrounding Israel. Remember the Cold War? These were also of course used in the major conflicts of 1956, 1967 and 1973 and in the many, many terrorist activities by the PLO and other extremist groups. As I said, this is still happening today and will continue this way until our King returns and steps on the throat of Satan and his cohorts.

After the fall of the Soviet Union the Russians have shown a disturbing political schizophrenia. Some of them seem to desire the blessings of freedom and democracy and some even became Christian. But there were and are many political and military leaders (like Putin) who miss the power and prestige of the old system. Some of the Russian generals and much military weapons have found their way into havens such as Iran (Persia). There has been a rise also of anti-Semitism along with a rise in Muslim nationals in Russia. The current pressure on several million Jewish people in Russia is growing at an alarming rate.
So as I said our Lord's word, the Bible, calls Israel and its people the Chosen Nation, the storehouse of the
Covenants, the seed line of Messianic Hope, the builders of the divinely approved Temple, home to the prophets of God and the capital nation of the returning King of Kings and His bride

Once our Lord has removed His bride via the promised Rapture He will then begin His works of judgment and wrath in the Tribulation. Upon His second coming will be the establishment of His kingdom in Jerusalem, Israel and ultimately the world. Even though the Church age has not yet ended we are so close to the point of the rapture and the restoration of Israel that we can now see the preparations for the events of the Tribulation beginning to play out.

Israel has fought four major wars during the last seventy years and each of these has played an important role in setting the stage for the prophesied events of the coming Tribulation:

1.     1947-48  War of Independence: the restoration of Israel
2.     1956     Suez Canal: assertion of national sovereignty
3.     1967     Six-Day War: recapture of the Temple Mount
4.     1973     Yom Kippur War: solidified West Bank occupation

All these wars though relatively minor in comparison with the World Wars were still major for Israel’s survival with the Satanic strategy to destroy Israel with the Arab armies which were mostly armed by the Russians. But God protected His Chosen Nation through the sacrificial dedication of the Jewish people despite her sin of not recognizing her Savior. With the support of the United States and a handful of other nations also backing her due to interventions of God plying men's hearts, she was able to thrive again. In the end...ALL nations will turn against her and desert her. As each one does this they will face the wrath of God for turning against the apple of His eye. By the way, those who belong to God...anyone who He has called, so does He also defend with ferocity. Therefore, use great care when coming against someone because God defends His own like the Lion of Judah that He is!

Lord has promised many good and wonderful things including the Rapture of His bride, the return of Christ to the earth, the Millennial Kingdom and an eternal New Jerusalem, our home. There are also very devastating events in the divine forecast such as the War of Gog and Magog, the Great Tribulation and the War of Armageddon.The war described in Ezekiel 38–39 predicted as occurring in the last days...our time, is the Gog/Magog war and there are some similarities with the Battle of Armageddon. But there are enough differences to conclude that it is a different battle altogether must be seven years before Armageddon. This timing places it at the beginning of the Tribulation. One scenario is that this war known as the Gog and Magog War would occur between the Rapture of the Church and the beginning of theTribulation. But this is pure speculation because no man knows the day or hour of the rapture...NOT EVEN the son!

In the War of Gog and Magog the nation to the north of Israel (Magog) organizes an invasion of Israel and has been interpreted as being Russia, which is to the extreme north of Israel. But Russia does not act alone. This Bear of the north forms an alliance with several Muslim nations surrounding Israel, these are Persia, Ethiopia, Libya, Syria, Moab, Edom and Egypt. These countries are predominantly Muslim nations who join together to destroy Israel. The Russo-Islamic Alliance attacks Israel in an invasion with overwhelming forces. And as we can so plainly see today this Alliance is completely convinced that it cannot lose in a conflict with the relatively puny nation of Israel...they plan to wipe her off the face of the map as the president of Iran has stated.

But they have made a serious miscalculation. They have not taken into account that the Lord, God of  Abraham, Issac and Jacob has promised to protect Israel and repel this very invasion. It will not be the
soldiers of Israel who are going to accomplish this victory but the supernatural power of the Almighty Lord!

To the amazement of Israel and of the world the invasion with its overwhelming numbers and resources is a total failure. The invaders suffer an 85% casualty rate. (Ezek. 39:2) Dead soldiers and military debris are littered all over the country, while the relatively tiny army of Israel comes through the battle virtually unscathed. Praise God! In the aftermath the Jewish nation has to devote seven whole months to cleaning up the countryside of dead bodies. (Ezek. 39:11–12). God also states that they make of the use of the military debris left behind and Israel will use this trash for fuel for a period of seven years. (Ezek. 39:9–10) Imagine the size of the military that it belonged to...God is so awesome!

Once this war takes place with the disappearance of the Church either before or after via the Rapture the stage is now set for the rise of the Antichrist (the Beast) and the False Prophet then the wrath of God begins.
The war of Gog and Magog will come to pass just as the Lord has predicted in His time and in His way.

Satan has fought this biblically prophesied restoration every step of the way and the fury of Satan to stop this third restoration of the Jews to their land will match all he did to keep the first and second restoration from happening. Throughout all this time Israel has been the center of the divine plan of God's history...making it ours as well. While nations have risen and fallen, kings and presidents have come and gone and the church has evangelized, apostatized and even in some cases become heretical throughout the world, God's plan for Israel remained the only constant.

The U.N. and American Presidents daddy Bush and Bill Clinton all pushed hard on Israel to cease the building of settlements. I am ashamed that our government has had a strong hand in forcing Israel to relinquish control over strategic and very important parts of their land that the Almighty has given to them. Woe to them that put asunder what God has joined, they will come to no good end! Islam is the sworn enemy of Israel and  if the Jewish people had or do wish to negotiate away their security and portions of their land that God has given to them, that is between them and the Almighty. But no one else should be engaged in forcing any such measures on Israel and everyone should be coming to her rescue. Doing anything short of helping her comes
dangerously close to cursing Israel and Yahweh warns that He will curse those who curse her.  We, who belong to the Christ, our Redeemer, should separate ourselves from governmental policies and powers that impose these burdens and demands on Israel in the name of peace, which is a farce.

Our Head, our Husband and our Friend is the Son of God Himself. We will reign Him and rule with Him and our 12 Founding Apostles will rule over the 12 tribes of Israel. The angels will study us as the greatest exhibit of God’s grace and we will actually judge the angels. This is our destiny and I would not trade my position in the Body of Christ with any creature in the universe! So why  be disturbed over what God has promised the Jewish people? Why be jealous of the destiny of Israel and the honors and titles bestowed upon her by God? This will be God's and the churches finest and most distinctive hour when Israel is restored nationally and
spiritually to our Lord at the Second Coming of Christ. That is when Satan and his demonic angels are once and for all defeated! Satan can no longer stand before God's throne accusing anyone because he is now the accused, judged and jailed is done! We will return here from Heaven with Him and be His glorious Bride to rule Israel and the world. What an amazing honor!

Its important that we recognize what the Lord is doing with Israel right now and rejoice in these developments knowing with full assurance that our own redemption draws ever closer. This should make us push on all the more to proclaim the blessings of His Gospel to a lost world as the days draw closer and closer to His return.
Keep your eyes on the skies and your ears tuned for that long awaited, wondrous Shofar blast proclaiming:

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