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Monday, May 21, 2012

Uranium Weapons Used On Civilians

Weapons of mass destruction never materialized in Iraq.  Then President Bush insisted they were there and even came up with obscure satellite photos that he claimed were them yet were never actually found.

We were warned by the experts that entering a battle with this country could be devastating to us as well as them. Of course this did not stop Bush from forging ahead like a bull elephant. Was Saddam Hussein a dictator? Yes. But most of the leaders over there are. It would seem to me that because of their religious beliefs they almost have to have a dictator to keep any order at all. He had managed to control his land fairly well all those years.

Then there is the sentiment that we had to go there to stop the terrorists from spreading. Well, then we knew where they were. Now they have spread out like that was not true either. We should have left them alone...I said that from the get go. They are no better off for our having been there and we are in worse condition than ever.

This country used to be concerned about civilians...but then this country used to be a Christian nation. So would you like to see the effects of pushing God out of your nation? Would you like to witness what happens when the laws of Yahweh are abandoned? Please watch the film below. This is NOT the America that I grew up loving.

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