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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Promise of Yahushua

Tension fills the air as we wait. We wait for the first strike, will it be the U.S. or Israel that draws first blood with Iran? We wait to see what each day brings to the world from the middle east. We wait for the 9th of Av, July 28th, a longstanding doomsday for Israel. We wait for the next natural disaster. That should not take long they seem to be raining down in these final days. We wait to see when they will begin with martial law. We wait for the summit in Chicago and the possible false flag event they have planned for that. We wait to see what rights we will lose at the hand of the current president next. We wait for the approach of Nibiru, or as some call it, the heavy mass object (HMO) for lack of identification.

You might ask, what are we waiting for? What do we expect is going to happen? That would be the reply from the majority of the sleeping world who are totally unaware of anything except when the next sports event takes place or who is doing who in Hollyweird. I know what is coming and any awake, watching and aware follower of Christ, Yahushua, knows as well. Apparently unlike Satan, we HAVE read the end of the book.

What comes next is God, Father Yah, the Almighty, Creator of ALL that is...HIS judgement! Now I know that any non believers think that He either does not exist or is some kind of gas ball floating around outside our atmosphere that is totally detached and uncaring that his existence may have created all this chaos called life on this planet. Or if your a new ager...well then, it goes something like "only love is real, all else is an illusion" or "god is a reflection of ourselves and we can make our own reality because we are co-creators" or my favorite of all "god is a big ball of fluffy love that would NEVER do anything to harm anyone ever!" Actually that last one is kind of correct in that He would not do anything to harm anyone spiritually, EVER, but to save them and teach them...oh yeah....He will kill you if He has to, whatever it takes to wake you up He will do it!

Judgement IS coming upon America and the world. All these things that I have listed above and the mass animal deaths of dolphins, birds of all kinds, whales of all kinds, fish of all kinds, bats, bees, cows, sheep...and on and on. Like the waters turning red like Texas, Chicago, the middle east...all over. Like the deaths from "strange illnesses" of polar bears and others that are losing their hair, growing severely ill and dying. Now its spread to airline attendants who are being told its their "uniform" causing this. Can you say RADIATION? Can you say FUKUSHIMA? Like strange behavior in animals. Eagles landing in garbage dumps and eating garbage, whales and dolphins beaching themselves, wildlife wandering into large cities, dogs attacking humans (these attacks have grown in number and have become extremely violent in recent years), birds flying in the wrong migrational direction...and so on. ALL of these things are a warning from Father Yah. Let the scientists explain away all they want, and they can't, because they too are stumped. The Pharaoh in Egypt did not believe either and would not do what God asked. He said NO to the Father...several times and each time he said got a little worse for him and his people. The same applies here.  

America was founded upon religious freedom with Christianity at its core and God at its helm! We were mightily blessed for that reason. We asked for His guidance in prayer, we actually fasted as a nation in the beginning. We wrote Him into our constitution and founded it upon the guidelines of HIS commandments. We held His commandments so dear that they hung in every court room as a reminder. We had morals. We had humility. Our hearts were not hardened but open and aware of pain and suffering. George Washington saw this in his vision:

`While the stars remain, and the heavens send down dew upon the earth, so long shall the Union last.' And taking from his brow the crown on which blazoned the word `UNION,' he placed it upon the Standard while the people, kneeling down, said, `Amen.' 

Then a bit later the angel states:

Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land and the Union. 

Yet our president, Barack Hussein Obama, says we are NOT a Christian nation?  An angel sent by God says otherwise and the PEOPLE knelt and said AMEN! Please check out Washington's vision and also his prayer journal...the father of this country had a PRAYER JOURNAL

Yahweh was our God and our guiding light...HIS words lighted the path we tread upon then. Now, He is uninvited. Treated as an unwelcome intruder. Shunned for all the blessings He has heaped upon this nation and people. No nation was ever formed so heavily on a sacred foundation as this one and no nation has EVER been so prosperous as this one. But many a nation has collapsed after turning away from Him and denying Him and we shall be no exception to His rule. Each time this happens Court Rules Prayer Proclamation Unconstitutional:

Just a week after  “record turnout” for the National Day of Prayer, as millions joined together in prayer all across America, a state appellate court has declared the proclamation of a day of prayer unconstitutional. 

Things will get a little bit worse and it will grow in intensity each time we refuse to submit to the Creator and push Him away from us and our way of life. Each time we do this He opens the demonic spiritual doorway a little wider and a little wider and when its fully open and only His presence and word are holding them from pouring through in mass...then He will do as we are asking. He will remove His presence from us. He will remove His presence from that doorway and He will give us what we want. A world without Him in control. 

There have NEVER been nor will there EVER be another time like what is coming upon this planet. Not even as in the days of Noah...when the nephilim walked the earth, when Sodom and Gomorrah was so evil they would have raped two angels from Yahweh given the chance. No, not even that is as bad as it will be here now. Because His presence still remained. His word still held back the full onslaught of evil. He was in control. Now He will remove His believers who carry Him in their hearts. Now He will relinquish His control for a short Satan, to the fallen angels, to the darkness we so crave. We will have our will. We will have our fill. We will learn or we will not...that is our choice because Yahweh does not take away your rights. He gives you complete freedom to choose. We are asking for Him to step away...and so He will. Completely, for the first and ONLY time in history as we know it. If He were to stay away for very long no flesh would be left alive. Such is the nature of what we crave.

When our Savior, Yahushua, returns to save us yet again, evil will have over run and saturated the earth. It will have lifted its leg on everything that Yahweh ever created and held dear. Its filth will be vile and deep running right down into the DNA of all life. When He returns with His saints in tow it will be like a cleansing fire that comes too close to a dead wheat field....WHOOOSH! Just that fast will He cleanse the earth and take back what was always His. Just that fast will He return the DNA to what it was created to be. Just THAT fast EVERY knee will bend and EVERY tongue will declare that HE is Lord!

Let us all pray NOW while we still have time to repent and be called His. Let us all ask Him into our hearts to reside NOW. If He lives in our hearts and He knows us and we call upon Him for all our needs....then when He withdraws His presence He will take us with Him. He will not leave us behind to be encompassed by evil for we are NOT asking Him to leave us...we want Him, we love Him, we have invited Him in and do not shun Him. We speak openly about Him, we are saddened by this world and what it says of Him. We stand up and speak out against these atrocities. We are NOT ashamed of Him. He will remember us before His Father and not forsake us..that is HIS promise. I for one BELIEVE HIM! 


GOD's Judgment - Sodom & Gomorrah - Parts 1 and 2

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