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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It truly saddens me to have to write an article like this. I had a link which I posted under the "Morgellons" section below called This man named Michael Chapala claimed to be a Morgellons sufferer that had been 90% cured by a Dr.s remedy which his website explained in great detail. He had links to many places and many suggestions along with items that he claimed were made specifically for Morgellons patients...such as magnets charged to treat the disease.

Well my sister is a Morgellons sufferer, I believe, though no doctor has said that, but most doctors don't even acknowledge that its real so that's no surprise. So I told my sister about the site and I ordered her some of the remedies off the site links...parasitic cleanses, collidal silver and such. All came through from the perspective sites with no problems. Of course this raised the trust level...which is what it was designed to do, I'm sure.

Then my sister ordered these:

Morgellons Magnetic Bracelet


Morgellons Magnetic Foot Harness


from itself where this man, named Michael, gave a phone number to contact him and answered  personal emails...I know I wrote to him. He seemed very knowledgeable. This took place in the beginning of February, its now the beginning of March and still nothing has arrived.

I have written him and in my first attempt he apologized and said he would send them out that day. We waited. Nothing. I wrote him again and now I get no response at all from him. His email, by the way is:
I am telling you this to warn everyone that maybe thinking of ordering anything from any site to PLEASE be very careful. This man is still at large somewhere, no doubt. I went to to see if I could find the phone number and here is the message he has put up:

The Morgellons Research Foundation (MRF) is no longer an active organization and is not accepting registrations or donations. 
The MRF donated remaining funds to the Oklahoma State University Foundation to support their Morgellons disease research. 
 Click here to learn more about this research.

Obviously this man has shut down THIS site and is probably moving on to open a new one to pray upon sick people who need help and are desperate to try anything since they can't get conventional medicine to help them.

I warned him in an email that I would be removing his link from my blog and writing a warning post to my readers and that I would also make a YouTube video to warn people. But apparently he does not care because I have heard nothing from him in response. 

PLEASE, if you are considering ordering anything from any site use as much caution as you can in doing so. We ordered two of each of the above items and my sister is now out almost $100.00 and she is on a fixed income. We live in a very bad world that is getting increasingly worse each day and the predators are coming out of the woodwork.

I told him in an email...very soon our Lord is returning and when He does what can this man say to Him to justify his actions??? Nothing. Its his eternal soul at stake here and he does not even realize that because he is too caught up in greed and worldly matters to consider eternity. The lake of fire is REAL and for ALL of eternity whoever goes there will be tortured day and night, relentlessly by demons and you will be completely ALONE with no help at all. No human help and NO God or Jesus to even hear your screams and pleas in complete darkness. FOREVER. No end EVER in  sight, NO hope.

NOW is the time for salvation, THIS MOMENT is ALL you may have to accept Jesus and REPENT of all your sins, accept Him, ask for FORGIVENESS while its still being offered. Because the son is coming and it will be when NO MAN KNOWS and in the TWINKLING OF AN THAT moment its over for ever! The door is shut...salvation is done. Those that have it will go with Him to paradise and the wedding supper and those that do not have it....HAVE LOST THE OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL ETERNITY.

Michael, or whoever you are, if you are reading this PLEASE repent. I don't care if you even send me or rather my sister back the money. I forgive you, my sister will probably not because she is not saved. BUT I am pleading with you to give up what you are doing, repent and get to know Jesus. If you do this, I promise you, you will NEVER want for anything from that point on. I am not saying that life will not have its difficult times...of course it will. But our Lord and Savior will ALWAYS be with you and helping you every step of the way! Evil will have no power over you any longer and all your needs will somehow, in God's time and in God's way be provided. Please believe me, I know, I have lived it and experienced it on a daily basis! Life becomes exciting as you watch God work...the supernatural becomes the have no idea what you are missing. Please repent before that door is closed for all of eternity. I will be praying for you and I am asking my readers to please pray for him too. God bless you all.


  1. FYI

    Morgellons Update

    First hour guest, inventor and researcher Michael Chapala talked about how he contracted Morgellons disease, and what he did to treat it. He felt a crawling sensation on his skin, and concluded that insect-like creatures had become embedded under his skin, and were slowly passing through different life stages, eventually emerging out of his pores. Chapala believes Morgellons is actually a bio-engineered weapon that’s been unleashed on the public, but the organism has certain weaknesses such as being sensitive to magnetic fields. The proteins of the organism can also be broken down using green papaya powder, he claimed.

    1. Thank you for letting me know. He has demanded that I remove my YouTube video about him but as yet I have never received a refund or my products. He is a scammer. Too bad Coast To Coast does not research the people they have on better. Yah bless.


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