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Monday, February 27, 2012

Beware of the Ides of March

Moving is done....thank God!!! I am settled, back on track and ready to resume my blogging duties, which I must say I missed. So I am glad to be back and hope that all of you are doing well too.

March is promising to be a very interesting month to say the least. There are so many things happening in March its almost absurd.

The pope makes his last appearance before retiring in March. On March 8th Google begins tracking everyone and everything you do and there is basically nothing you can do about it except not partake of their services which is nearly an impossible feat since they are so pervasive. Rumor has it that the internet will be shut down on or around March 8th by the FBI. This is being done under the guise of some type of worm that they are trying to eradicate, however, I believe that is nothing short of an excuse. I believe that they are basically taking down the web to set up various tracking systems and making it in line with the up and quickly coming NWO.

Another rumor is that Facebook will be shut down on March 15th due to excessive stress to Mark Zuckerberg...true or false...I don't know. But how strange that these rumors all have their roots in March. On March 8th YouTube will remove all individuality on their users channels by making ALL the accounts the same grey and black colors. No more unique backgrounds or pictures will make them a leader into the one world system where individualism is frowned upon as it sets YOU apart from "the community". Thinking will be frowned upon as well...just follow the instructions and orders given to you, no choices and no control. Which of course will ultimately lead to accept the beast and false prophet or is the only choice you will have...God or Satan. Choose wisely, because this choice you will live with for ALL ETERNITY!

There are more happenings and rumors of happenings in March which I won't go into detail on because my dear friend Hummingbird has made a wonderful video on the subject called "March Madness" and I will post the link to that below this article for your viewing pleasure. I strongly urge you to watch it.

What I do want to mention here is about the Purim. This centers around the book of Esther and her bravery and faith in God in the face of danger...representing the intercession of the church or bride of Christ. The elect, if you will. Here is a very good article which goes into great detail on what it all means in the blog called "Agape' Life Ministries, Inc." please read this so you totally understand what I am about to ask you to join me and many other Christians on YouTube in doing.

Esther basically called for a fast and prayer to become closer to God and ask for His help in her people's plight. Of course He did help and it is no doubt that His supernatural blessing was upon the Jewish people and Esther, because He not only stopped their complete demise but He also completely turned the tables on every evil action.

So, during this very obvious time of turmoil and danger coming up in March, Hummingbird and I are calling for a fast, if you are medically able to do so. If you want to take some water or juice throughout the fast because its too difficult...then do so. Talk to God about it and follow what He says above ALL else.

This fast will begin on March 6th at sunset and continue through March 7th until sunset...because God measures a day from sunset to sunset. Esther actually called for a 3 day period of fasting and prayer and the Jewish people follow a schedule of fasting from sunrise on the 7th till sunset on the 7th and you can actually look up the exact times of that for your area here. So you have several ways that you can do this and God may instruct you by placing something else on your heart to do.

But Hummingbird and I will be fasting from sundown on the 6th of March until sundown on the 7th of March and God has wanted me to post this so as to get as many Christians as possible involved in this fast. I will be praying for Israel and her protection because all of this is ultimately aimed at her demise once again. This has been Satan's great cause all along and his days are growing short while his anger is growing fierce. Please join us if you are at all able and  know that God will bless you mightily for it by drawing closer to you as you draw closer to Him. God bless you all and stay safe.

P.S. Please, if you have not done so as yet, start stocking up on food and water, medical supplies, vitamins, bandages and so forth. Just in case its needed and if its not used by you before we all get raptured out of here by our Beloved, then your collection will bless someone else in great need during the coming tribulation. All these things will never go to waste. God bless.


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